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Home Move in Almaty

We will help you with your move to Almaty


Move in Almaty without any troubles and rush!

Almaty city was founded in 1854 and was called Verniy till 1921. Today Almaty is the biggest city in Kazakhstan. During this period of time hundreds of families moved in Almaty and beyond its borders. However, it is worth mentioning that the conception of moving hasn’t changed over the years. Moving is always carried out by somebody’s energies and facilities. Nowadays there are several variants of carrying out the procedure of move in Almaty.

The first variant is self-moving.

Move in Almaty can be carried out by own energies and means involving friends and relatives. It is quite difficult to carry out the move alone. The obstacle is the process itself.  

Everything starts with the selection of necessary package. When you get it you need to pack everything in a proper way (breakable and valuable things are of special attention). Cabinet furniture requires dismantling in which you need to be extremely attentive and careful. When dismantling and assembling furniture and equipment, extra details are often left, the lack of which later affects the exploitation negatively, as the result the serviceability of your belongings is reduced. The next stage is to take out things from the room and load into the vehicles. You need to be physically strong here and if you have an opportunity, ask your relatives or friends to help.

So you have dismantled, packed and taken out everything. A good thing if you have a suitable vehicle for transporting possessions in Almaty. In other case you will have to look for it around the city. Continue to save on transporting company carrying out the move to Almaty and find the vehicle individually. In this situation what is left is to hope for the experience and scrupulosity of a driver chosen randomly.

You have brought your property to the necessary address in Almaty. By this time you are lacking strength as well as patience. But now you need to raise your personal effects and furniture to the floor and set everything. Let you be lucky when moving and won’t damage furniture and the walls of the room when taking in and out belongings without losing anything. All the responsibility will be on your shoulders if you don’t shift it to the shoulders of a transport company carrying out move in Almaty.

The last stage which you need to expect when moving in Almaty is placement of furniture in the room. In the day of move little or no strength is left for the placement of furniture, you will have to gain strength to finish your move. The process of placing furniture requires a good physical training and huge patience after all.

Finally, your move in Almaty is over! Congratulations! Let’s summarize everything. We wished to save money. If we have saved on the package then likely there are some defects on the furniture. Saving on professional assemblers of furniture might affect its quality at the further exploitation because individual dismantling and especially assembling of furniture is a labour intensive process which requires experience. It is difficult to save on vehicle because if a driver is not your acquaintance then he doesn’t request less money than a transport company having its own vehicle and specializing on moves. So it comes out that you have saved on the loaders only. Agree that it is not such a big saving. Your own strengths and time are worth more.

The second variant is move with the help of wage earners.

You have decided to ease your labour and spend money on vehicles and wage earners. Almaty is a big city where there are a lot of offers. But what should you start with to find loaders? Almost everyone knows where to find a cheap work force in Almaty – in the “job-centre” – one of the avenues of Almaty.

WARNING!!! If you go there to hire oaders or even furniture assemblers or packers block the doors and close the windows beforehand. Slightly open the window only when they will have already clung to the car, otherwise as many people as possible to get into will be sitting in your car. The guys agree to help with move with pleasure as besides money they hope to take with them something useful insensibly. Hiring such loaders either put away small appliances and valuable things or take their ID cards to protect yourself from losing your belongings. Also remember that packing, dismantling and assembling of furniture as well as loading of personal things require certain skills.

After you have hired the staff it is time to start searching for vehicles. In Almaty there are quite enough parkings with the civilian owners of vehicles. As in the case of complete self-moving what is left to do is to hope for conscientiousness and experience of such drivers. 
To say something definite about the quality of such move in Almaty rather about its results is difficult. We would only like to mention that it is necessary to understand that you won’t meet these people after the move.
The third variant is a turnkey move.
So called a turnkey move or the full package of services of move is a novelty for Kazakhstan. However, in developed countries people can’t imagine their move without participation of professionals, so called moving companies (from the English word “moving”).
Without fail you have seen the films in which when moving there are some workers scurrying with boxes and furniture and owners only say where to put and how to contact with an object. And this is the most civilized and simple way to move. You pay for the service and avoid worries, moving calmly to a new place, enjoying the change of environment.
May be you are wondering: “Is this a new service? That’s strange … I’ve seen 
advertisements with offer of moving services many times ”. You can really find a lot of suggestions to move. Searching good quality and economy people address to newspapers and Internet comparing the prizes. Offers about move to Almaty are everywhere. And definitely you would like to accept the cheapest offer if the service is the same. We can say like that: “If the odds are always in your favour you will be lucky”. 
The thing is that often hunters for quick profit are ready to resort to deception and might promise to do things which actually can’t do. Usually such people say: “We will whip round, buy or hire a truck, screwdrivers, place an advertisement in the newspaper or Internet and wait for the “victim””. So you use the services of the same workers from Seyfullin street under the mask of professional company. The result and consequences of such move might really upset you. 
However, it is worth mentioning that in this grey mass of such offers in Almaty city there are some people with magic touch, experience and who do their job conscientiously. In order to protect yourself from unscrupulous companies carrying out move in Almaty it is necessary to check competence of the company according to these criteria: 
·         If the company is registered in the tax authority or not. It helps to understand if people are ready to take the responsibility for move.
·         If the company has a name or not. The name of the company should make people care about the reputation of its name.
·         If there is a contract on move which will insure you from possible losses connected with the service of poor quality.
·         If there is a constant address and office in Almaty.
·         When the company which carries out move in Almaty was founded.
·         What the work experience of the employees in this field is.
·         If the company bears a material responsibility. 
·         If there is insurance for move in Almaty in case of loss or damage to property. 
·         If the company has an official website where you can leave comments. 
·         If the company provides packaging materials.
·         If the company has a stock for keeping the things during the period of repairs and moving.
These criteria will help you to define a relative quality of the service rendered. Positive answers to these questions let you be sure that you have found the company which will be bearing the responsibility for the quality of carrying out the procedure of move in Almaty.  
“Great Move” company meets all the criteria of professional moving company, using the services of which your move will be carried out without any troubles or rush.