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Move in Astana

 Move in Astana without any troubles and rush!

Astana city is the youngest city of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Astana has been the capital since December 10th, 1997. The population of Astana in 1997 was 275000 people, in 2013 – 778000 people, i.e. it has grown three times within 16 years. Hundred thousands of families have carried out moving to Astana, around it and beyond its borders during this period of time.

Today we have arranged hundreds of requests for move and goods transportation in Astana. Particularity of move in Astana is the same as everywhere. Arose need is satisfied by several services:

  • Vehicles: (a truck, a removal van or an euro van)
  • Personnel: (loaders, furniture disassemblers, packers, cleaners, designers)
  • Package: (boxes, sellotape, air bubble film, bags…)


Also kinds of move:

  • Moving to an office in Astana
  • Moving to a new flat or house in Astana
  • Moving of business


Orientation for move in Astana


Not all the services mentioned above can be used when moving. Part of the work might not come in handy or a requester might undertake some functions. However, it is necessary to be careful as people say: “Moving is equal to two fires”. Doing this with specialists you won’t notice how move has started and finished. Also you need to understand that choosing several services at once you save heavy amount of money, even can distract from it and do personal things. As Astana is an administrative centre of the Republic we have a lot of things to do, sometimes there isn’t any time for move. You might be sure your belongings will be moved safe and sound, on time.  


As you probably have to deal with move for the first time we will describe you its process with the indication of fares.


Before you start, you need to understand what room needs to be moved because different types of moving exist:


  • Moving  to an office (Astana)
  • Moving to a flat or house (Astana)
  • Moving to a shop or another business


A couple of words about each:


Moving to an office to Astana or from Astana is connected with its scale, first of all. The day of move is also important as we try not to interrupt working process of a client’s company, with us you can carry out move in any day of the week. The location of an office in Astana or its new location is of a great importance. Move to office in Astana is the same laborious process as in any other town of Kazakhstan as there are many nuances and details with which a lot of carriers and afterwards clients have to deal with. However, our obtained experience let you move an office of a company painlessly saving time, money and nerves at most.


Move to an apartment or house to Astana, around Astana or from Astana. Move to a flat in Astana is an everyday occurrence and people get used to it. However, transportation companies have also got used to it. Such law of market exists: “Where there is demand, there is supply”. In this way a driver of a van from “a patch” turns into a moving company. We definitely respect such people but not only those due to whom people later say: “Yeah, there isn’t any good service here!” The comment is really fair. But did you think about it when made a decision to trust move to an apartment in Astana in hands of such carrier? Did you ask the address of the office of his company? Did you find out if this company has packaging materials for move in Astana? Do they have storage or not? If you answered negatively even to one of these questions, you are the only one who is guilty in poor quality of service as you were ready to pay to such carrier.  A flat moving in Astana and beyond its borders is possible to carry out with the quality and level of service you wish. But for this you need to appeal to such company like “Great Move”. Then your property will be disassembled, packed, transported and assembled in any place of Astana, beyond its borders around the whole Republic or brought from any place to Astana city. Move to your new flat will be comfortable and of a high quality.


As for move of business in Astana, here is rigidly an individual approach because the scope of business is not standardized anyhow. We know some business move secrets which are our competitive advantage. Don’t worry how to do it, just call us.


Any move starts with its direction i.e. from and to where you are moving. Let’s highlight the following directions:


  • Moving in Astana
  • Moving to Astana
  • Moving from Astana around Kazakhstan
  • Moving from Astana to another country


Moving in Astana, as any other directions, starts with move assessment. You call to the company “Great Move” and make a request for a free exit move assessment. Criteria of assessment: a number of staff which will be involved into moving; vehicles (a type, a number and a possibility to drive into your part of Astana city); quantity of packages for transportation of possessions in safe; time required for carrying out move. After we have set the prize of move we accept the request and enter into a contract. Move in Astana can be started at the day of making a request.


Move from Astana around regions of Kazakhstan is carried out three times a week, as with such periodicity we dispatch goods from Astana to other regions though we can take your goods earlier by appointment and agreeing on a date. Also an individual approach to goods transportation from Astana when moving is provided.


The situation with moving from Astana to another country is the same as with the one from Astana to other regions of Kazakhstan.


Let’s describe the details of the process and tariffs of move:



Move in Astana is mostly carried out with such vehicle as van. It is not difficult to find a van in Astana, to search the Internet or to take a newspaper is enough. But, don’t forget, dear reader, you are ordering a van from a person you likely don’t know and won’t use his service for the second time. A driver is also aware of this. That’s why if he doesn’t have a company, the business image of which must be taken care of, what will he worry about then? You, for example, won’t say to your friends and acquaintances: “Don’t call Zhomart!” Besides, no one will pay damages for tainted property. It is difficult to say something to someone without having documents. That’s why it is often very problematic to find a reliable private carrier.


In “Great Move” company every move is insured. Compensation is paid during the week from the day when the sum of tainted property compensation is set. Is this convenient? Make an order of a van in “Great Move” company, and then you won’t get any extra troubles or rush. A van is not always a suitable vehicle for move in Astana if the size of goods is more than 1500 kg and 10 m³. In this case, you need a furniture track.


A furniture truck is generally used when transporting furniture from two or more room flats or offices with more than four working places. If you need to move a fridge more than 1,5 metres high, a standard van is not suitable, in this case. The transportation of furniture which is not disassembled and of large dimension also has to be carried out by a furniture truck. Transportation by a van might cause damage of goods or additional transportation in Astana. There are some trucks which are namely oriented on furniture transportation and have a tail lift. A furniture truck with a tail lift lets to transport heavy and very heavy objects in Astana. A tail lift is a mechanical device oriented on lifting of heavy objects from ground level to the level of the cargo area of a furniture truck when human physical strength is not enough to do it.


A furniture truck for move to offices or flats in Astana can be of two types: with the capability of carrying three tons and the size of cargo area 20 m³ and with the capability of carrying five tons with the size of cargo area 35 m³. However, this kind of transport has its minus. A furniture truck of five tons cannot get by in every part of Astana city when moving. In order to carry out goods transportation in Astana to those parts of the city where there is a prohibiting sign hanging, agreement with the government agencies is required. You don’t have to worry about this thing when moving; “Great Move” company takes it upon itself.


Vehicles of more overall dimensions might be required for move in, to and from Astana. “Great Move” is also carried out with euro trucks. The capacity of carrying is 20 tons; the size of cargo area is 86 m³. Movement of this vehicle in Astana is also regulated by the laws. So getting the allowance documents might take some time. A euro truck is ideal when you need to move in Astana with a big amount of belongings. Also this kind of vehicle is well suited if you move from the regions of Kazakhstan to Astana or vice versa, as such move implies transportation of the whole property including your own car.




Move in, from or to Astana requires working personnel who carries out the biggest part of office or apartment move. Here you can speak a lot but let us say the most important thing, how the process of staff’s work looks like and what you can face with when searching and choosing workmen for the move. Loaders in Astana are widespread and there are a lot of reasons for this.  A high demand for moving in Astana creates a high supply. But if this multiplies the import of work force to Astana and the qualification of such a job as a loader, then it is clearly seen that the situation is dangerous. “What is the danger?” you ask. “A loader is a loader. What can you add?” Yes, it is possible to think in this way but you need to take into consideration that loaders won’t load bags with sugar or flour but your personal things which are valuable for you. It is really difficult to find a decent loader with high qualification without any bad habits; as such person will qualify for the better paid job than the job of a loader. In other case, he will demand the pay higher than the one who has come to Astana for a temporary job. However, a high qualification is not an index for a loader. A good loader needs to be physically strong and have some moving skills. This person can only be taught and grown up as a specialist. “Great Move” company works on introducing and raising quality standards to the process of move in Astana.


“Great Move” improves the service of moving in Astana and Kazakhstan.